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Hi Julie,

Thanks for your message—I was planning to write to you, but you beat me to it.
Thanks for everything and all your recommendations - I’ve been trying everything out, and all is good!

That pistachio foot cream is AWESOME! It’s made my cracked, chapped, painful heels and the rest of my feet begin to soften and heal after only a few days… I love it. It smells like pistachios, which I also love to eat ;-) I will never, ever use any vaseline or ingredient stuff again (which didn’t work anyway).

I am so happy with everything. I even like the candy cane & mint cream for my feet, which smells exactly like candy canes…and mint...
You’ve picked out good items for me,, and I’m very grateful. My feet are grateful, and so are my hands. I've tried everything you recommended, and am happy with it all.
These items are also high quality and will last a long time. I’m very, very happy I found your enterprise, and hope you will thrive and grow and succeed! Cruelty-free and kind—everything made in the USA. You found products I’ve never heard of nor seen for sale ever around here. 
Thanks again so much, Julie, I will be back ! ;-)
Take care, be well, and all the very best!
(February 2016)



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