everyone 3-in-1 Lotion for Men

everyone (by EO Products)

$ 10.95 


Everyone™ 3-in-1 Lotion for Men

Everyone loves versatility! These Everyone lotions are formulated to work with every skin type. Gentle and light enough to use on your face and deeply moisturizing enough to use on your body and hands. Available in two different essential oil blends, these lotions are made for every body and priced for every budget. Available in convenient 32oz pump bottles to make hydrated skin easy for everyone in the house.
Everyone™ For Men 3-in-1 Cedar & Citrus Botanical Lotion

Our Citrus + Cedar Lotion is formulated to work as hard as you do. This 3-in-1 lotion is gentle enough for every face and moisturizing enough for hands and body. Pure Cedar and Citrus essential oils leave you This versatile lotion is light and moisturizing enough to be used on face, hands and body. Nutrient-rich plant extracts and Vitamin E are combined with a rustic blend of Juniper, Lavender and Citrus essential oils to leave skin nourished and gently scented.

Cedar + Citrus is a woodsy scent with a gentle citrus finish that leaves you smelling great and feeling moisturized. A blend of Cedarwood, Orange, and Lavender is both grounding and uplifting. Every man loves to be different.


Cedar has a grounding and relaxing effect. It is a comforting oil and supports feelings of security.

Orange is an uplifting oil that can make you feel happier. Orange is our reminder to enjoy life.

Priced for every budget and generously sized for every man in the house. 32 fl oz, packaged in a recycled bottle. 


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