everyone 3-in-1 Soap for Men

everyone (by EO Products)

$ 10.95 



Everyone 3-in-1 Soap for Men is the easy way to get clean and smell great. Formulated to be used as a shampoo and body wash, as well as a shave gel. These are GMO free, cruelty free, paraben free, synthetic fragrance free, gluten free, made with organic ingredients, and scented with pure essential oils. Coconut-derived cleansers, Vitamins B5 and E, and our signature EO® Organic Herbal Blend of Aloe, Calendula, Chamomile, and White Tea extracts help to cleanse and moisturize every body's skin.

Available in two scents that soothe and uplift the senses while gently conditioning your skin.

Cedar + Citrus is a woodsy scent with a gentle citrus finish that leaves you smelling great and feeling moisturized. A blend of Cedarwood, Orange, and Lavender is both grounding and uplifting. Every man loves to be different.

Cucumber + Lemon is a cool, clean blend that gently soothes the senses while softening your skin. A refreshing blend of Lemon, Lemon Verbena and Cucumber extract is a happy, refreshing scent. Every man loves to be cool.


One of the first things people notice about you is your smell.

Colognes and overly fragranced body care can lead to headaches and allergies. It can be hard to find good, affordable body care for men that leaves you smelling great. Everyone™ has you covered with pure essential oils. Our scents for Men are subtle and enticing:

Cedar has a grounding and relaxing effect. It is a comforting oil and supports feelings of security.

Orange is an uplifting oil that can make you feel happier. Orange is our reminder to enjoy life.

Lemon Verbena has been shown to improve focus and lighten moods. Lemon Verbena is our reminder to pay attention to the here and now.

Lemon essential oil is famous for its light & uplifting scent. Probably the most cleansing of all the oils, Lemon reminds us to make the changes we need to be happier.

Priced for every budget and generously sized for every man in the house. 32 fl oz, packaged in a recycled bottle. 

Everyone™ For Men 3-in-1 Cedar & Citrus Botanical Soap

This multi-tasking soap is formulated to be used as shampoo, body wash and shaving gel. The rustic combination of Cedarwood, Lavender and Orange essential oils lend this soap its woodsy scent. Plant derived cleansers create a skin-nourishing, foamy lather.

Everyone™ For Men 3-in-1 Cucumber & Lemon Botanical Soap

This multi-tasking soap is formulated to be used as shampoo, body wash and shaving gel. Fresh Lemon essential oil is combined with Cucumber extracts to give this soap its cool, calm scent. Coconut-derived cleansers create a skin-nourishing, foamy lather.


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