Salvation Healing Salve

Farm Dog Naturals

$ 16.95 

Salvation Healing Salve For Crusty Dog Nose, Yeast and Inflammation. 1oz / 2oz
Farm Dog Naturals Dry Skin and Crusty Nose Salve for dogs ingredients.

Fresh herbs and botanicals chosen for their skin soothing properties work to heal your dog's dry skin, topical inflammations, flaky skin, topical yeast, crusty nose, and sore, tender paw pads. Great for skin folds and wrinkles where things can get a bit stinky.

Benefits of using Salvation Skin Care and Crusty Nose Salve:

  • Helps heal dry skin, inflammation, paw pads, and inflamed wrinkles 

  • Repairs and eliminates crusty dog nose in as little as 4-5 days

  • Effective for yeast on the skin, in the ears, and between the wrinkles and toes

  • Speeds healing, skin cell regeneration and hair growth after surgery, abcess and punctures

Salvation is a multipurpose healing salve for your dog's skin, paws, ears, and nose.

Directions: Apply Salvation to affected area twice daily or as needed.

Yeast In The Ears: Apply a small amount of Salvation to the inside flap of your dog's ear and let it melt into the ear canal. Wait 24 hours and gently clean out the ear and reapply Salvation until symptoms disappear. If symptoms persist, contact your veterinarian.

Yeast In Your Dog's Wrinkles and Folds: Gently clean out any debris from your dog's wrinkles and folded skin. Spread a thin amount of Salvation to the area twice daily to clear up the yeast. For maintenance, apply Salvation one time per week.

Post Operative Care: Apply Salvation to surgical incisions and hairless patches daily for skin repair and hair growth.

Crusty Nose: Apply Salvation to your dog's cracked nose twice daily. After their nose looks black and shiny again, apply Salvation once daily or every other day for maintenance. 

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