Kiss My Face

$ 9.95 


This bath & body wash combines hydrotherapy with aromatherapy to cleanse, soothe and invigorate. 

Anti Stress - Woodpine Pine & Ginseng.                  

Recuperate, revive, relax. Let the warm, calming water drench your body. Soothe and calm your mind. Allow the herbs and botanicals to create a sense of composure, a feeling of peace and quietude within your being. Let them soothe your skin. Treat yourself to an "intermission" from life. You'll be ready to face the world again.

Early to Rise - Wild Mint & Citrus.                                      

Forget the coffee, this is your warm up for the day ahead. Hydrotherapy and aromatherapy work together to stimulate and invigorate with botanicals like bay, basil, eucalyptus, juniper, lemon, lemongrass, peppermint, spearmint and wintergreen. 

Peaceful Patchouli.                                                          

Peace, love and patchouli – an aromatic essential oil that soothes dry, sensitive and chapped skin. Protect and hydrate with this truly unique shower gel.

Silky Soft - Lavender & Lily. 

It's not an easy task to create a rich lathering gel that also leaves your skin super soft. Silky Soft shower gel and bath accomplish this and soothes and refreshes with the finest lavender essential oil. acacia senegal, aloe vera, rose and lily soothe, while calendula softens, passion fruit quiets, jasmine uplifts and chamomile heals and acts as an astringent. 


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