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Argan Stem Cells Age Defying Thickening Spray - Thinning Hair Treatment
Fortifies hair fibers, amplifies hair texture, and strengthens strands to reduce breakage. This ultimate thickening spray adds body, lift, and volume.  Results: Thicker, Fuller, Healthy Hair, 6 oz

Lavender & Biotin Full Volume Style Spray                                                                                     Lavender gently refreshes, stimulating follicles and circulation. Biotin B-complex infuses essential protein for thicker, fuller strands, improved strength, texture, and manageability for maximum volume and silky shine. 8.2 oz

Sunflower & Citrus Medium Hold Hair Spray, (Brilliant Shine)                                                      Medium hold formula for flexible style and vibrant shine.  Controls static and shields against humidity, frizz, and fly-aways. Dries quickly.  8.2 oz

Sunflower & Citrus Medium Hold Styling Gel, (Brilliant Shine)                                                   10-in-One Benefit Balm For Healthy Hair 6.8 oz
10 Multi-Tasking Benefits:  1. Controlled Styling, 2. Extra Body, 3. Improved Texture,  4. Style Definition
5. Hydration, 6. Damage Repair, 7. Static Control, 8. Humidity Shield, 9. Heat & Color Protection
10. Healthy Shine

Argan & Sweet Orange Smooth Hold Styling Cream, (Moisture Rich)                                                10-in-One Benefit Balm For Healthy Hair 6.8 oz     10 Multi-Tasking Benefits: 1. Smooth, Soft Styling, 2. Improved Texture, 3. Manageability, 4. Conditioning
5. Damage Repair, 6. Static Control, 7. Humidity Shield, 8. Fights Frizz and Flyaways,                                9. Heat & Color Protection, 10. Healthy Shine   Benefits: Thirsty Hair

Argan Oil Plus+ Ultimate Moisture Rich Deep Conditioner -  This ultimate moisture treatment rescues dehydrated, damaged, and over-processed strands. Omega rich Argan oil and fruit stem cells deeply penetrate to nourish, repair, and restore for improved strength and elasticity, minimizing split ends, static, and frizz for silky, smooth shine. 5.8 oz

Argan Oil Plus+ Moisture Rich Leave-In Conditioner - Omega rich Argan oil and fruit stem cells deeply penetrate each strand, repairing and restoring moisture, elasticity, and flexible strength, while minimizing split ends, static, and frizz. Hair looks and feels healthy with amazing luster and shine. 6.8 oz

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Andalou Naturals Age Defying - What if you could naturally protect your hair and improve the health of it at the same time? Get a hold on thinning hair with clinically proven Argan Stem Cells and our one-of-a-kind treatment system designed to activate and restore root cellular health. Sulfate-Free. Color-Safe

Andalou Naturals Full Volume - Lavender refreshes and stimulates follicles while Biotin-B Complex infuses essential protein for thicker, fuller hair. Sulfate-Free. Color-Safe. Benefits: Flat and Fine Hair

Andalou Naturals Brilliant Shine - Citrus clarifies and brightens while nourishing sunflower, rich in Vitamin E, conditions and minimizes split ends and frizz. Sulfate-Free. Color-Safe.

Andalou Naturals Moisture Rich -Sweet Orange revitalizes while omega-rich argan oil deeply penetrates each strand to repair and restore moisture. Sulfate-Free. Color-Safe.

Fruit Stem Cell Science improves hair follicle longevity and vitality for healthy hair from root to tip.


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